Chinese Students Make Giant Jump Rope

16 дец 2019
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  • I like how calm you where when you were talking about a star that could end our entire existence all at once

    savitoj dhillonsavitoj dhillonПре 10 месеци
    • Should be FAR more concerned about our own star...

      John & Jane SmithJohn & Jane SmithПре 6 дана
    • @m e I dont have time to troll through hundreds of comments to see what you think I wrote, but 1) I can't remember predicting anything very dire. 2) I can only see where I quoted actual scientific research. So, you must be an astrophysicist to call me a fool Are you ?

      Ray WatsonRay WatsonПре 7 дана
    • @Mate397 that to is true

      m em eПре 7 дана
    • @Jesus Christ yes u are correct sir , u did it for me nice u saved me hours of typing

      m em eПре 7 дана
    • @Ray Watson it says "minor damage" fool and thats a thing that its 644 LIGHT YEARSA away :|

      m em eПре 7 дана
  • I know I'm not the only one who is sad that they won't live long enough to witness the supernova 😔

    Toasted ChurroToasted ChurroПре 17 сати
  • bruh i went to that same beach with the boring behind the scenes thing. I stood right there where that guy was standing! 😃

    Neely GabrielNeely GabrielПре 18 сати
  • Doesnt count bc he is asiatic

    NahJustADudeNahJustADudeПре 22 сата
  • I think it isn’t chineese students it’s like kinda korean but at the same time it aint

    M_ ASM_ ASПре дан
  • Wait I think I’ve watched it before

    Michael McNamaraMichael McNamaraПре дан
  • 1:38 some idiot designer who used to work for bmw’s selling something like this for 6000 dollars🤣😂🤣😂

    livelyupmyself1livelyupmyself1Пре дан
  • My schools poor

    DreyDreyПре 2 дана
  • *Skill level: Asian*

    Devansh ChaudharyDevansh ChaudharyПре 2 дана
  • subtitles at 2:31

    Joe GoldJoe GoldПре 2 дана
  • So if I say bettlejuice 3 times that's what's going to destroy us? Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Be-

    Nice katsuki bakugouNice katsuki bakugouПре 2 дана
    • Don't be shy say my name 3 times

      beetlejuicebeetlejuiceПре 2 дана
  • The cat Got a nice hair-style

    Mads Boehl SteffenMads Boehl SteffenПре 3 дана
  • Hi this is flex boats and on flex boats u can buy boats for 🚲 so now u can go on water and exercises

    Gs GamerGs GamerПре 3 дана
  • They also made 2020 A bad year

    Bikes BaniaBikes BaniaПре 4 дана
  • Finally someone who shows the thumbnail vid first also the person who I look forward to everyday

    Renato CifuentesRenato CifuentesПре 6 дана
  • 1:15 so we’ll have a second sun

    Heather FaheyHeather FaheyПре 7 дана
  • 4 palabras: *Un* *Poco* *De* *Todo*

    El Perro Dice guauEl Perro Dice guauПре 9 дана
  • alex on autos

    Albert MinnenAlbert MinnenПре 10 дана
  • “Spell RED.” Beetle juice:Supernova

    Maria ZendejasMaria ZendejasПре 12 дана
  • .nice

    International funny manInternational funny manПре 13 дана
  • 1:43 omg my mom was sent that video by my uncle O-O

    Saman NaqviSaman NaqviПре 13 дана
  • side effects of living next to russia.

    hassan sattihassan sattiПре 14 дана
  • no wonder they are so advanced

    YaygerYaygerПре 16 дана
  • 00:55 beetle juice

    Andri 2009Andri 2009Пре 16 дана
  • Damn beetle juice damnn

    Francis TorresFrancis TorresПре 16 дана
  • That's why these kinda things are *Chinese"

    Tech VlogsTech VlogsПре 17 дана
  • Lets all take a moment to reflect on how insane pretty much every wing suit pilot is. We love the videos but come on those guys are just nutz. Coo-coo for coco puffs.

    Darwyn RowlandDarwyn RowlandПре 18 дана
  • me: I’m stressed.. someone who watched this video: GO TO ICELAND

    Potato XLPotato XLПре 18 дана
  • Sach sucks

    Hakai DiezHakai DiezПре 21 дан
  • i like your cut g

  • School protection formation be like: 0:04

    Fluffy PainFluffy PainПре 25 дана
  • 1:15 And you know we dead

    AstroFadeAstroFadeПре 26 дана
  • How is nobody talking about sir meows a lot (the cat with the bow tie) doing dressage?

    Christina KottmeyerChristina KottmeyerПре 26 дана
  • 2:21 Sutro Bath House at the Cliff House in San Francisco. It was a public bath house/swimming pool in the late 1800s and later burned down. At 2:29 to the right by the cliff was an ingenious use of the waves to refill the boiling rooms with fresh seawater. Also to the right is a tunnel that's exposed to the waves that creates massive pressure waves. Been there many times and waz a frequent part of my own city tours.

    ᥴꪮꪮ ᥴꪮꪮ kꪖᥴꫝꪮꪮ ꪑikꫀ niners シᥴꪮꪮ ᥴꪮꪮ kꪖᥴꫝꪮꪮ ꪑikꫀ niners シПре 26 дана
  • 2019: china making giant jump rope 2020: oooooh les mek korona bayros (READ IT IN CHINESE ACCENT)

    Joshua CabaldeJoshua CabaldeПре 29 дана
  • I wouldn’t wanna be there in these times

    XiaticXiaticПре месец
  • imagine if that kid tripped on the skip rope

    Peeps 1007Peeps 1007Пре месец
  • Bringing any sorts of gadgets, toys and other non-essential items at our school is STRICTLY prohibited, in some classes bringing board games is allowed but we could only use those during lunchbreak or after school. During recess and lunch the only thing you could do is eat and socialize. Our school is very small that it doesn't provide a gymnasium, a computer lab, and a laboratory, the library is always closed because teachers use it for doing paperwork and other teacher stuff. This is why many of us lost their sanity and inveted weird and annoying things to entertain themselves like using water bottles as soccer balls or basketball, making a ball out of crumpled papers and covering it with tape, and inventing games too.

    Renz EstrellaRenz EstrellaПре месец
  • Daily does of internet a star will collide in 2022 and the Astroid city killer might hit us

    Baby blue Crew mateBaby blue Crew mateПре месец
  • How the fcku did that guy make his bike boat move? Pedaling did absolutely nothing

    10k subscribers with no videos challenge10k subscribers with no videos challengeПре месец

    Yoda JacaraYoda JacaraПре месец

    XHD veldenXHD veldenПре месец
  • This looks like when you turn on tracers on a hacked client

    Ortock YTOrtock YTПре месец
  • Longboardemliveosa 🤣😂🤣😂😅

    Mahmoud ElsayedMahmoud ElsayedПре месец
  • The fact that he dosnt click bait is amazing

    Real Life gamesReal Life gamesПре месец
  • China

    Sure I play fortnite Is there a problemSure I play fortnite Is there a problemПре месец
  • I swear china has the longest recesses

    Soul_Reaper1303Soul_Reaper1303Пре месец
  • I love how the star is called “beetle juice”

    Disaster CentralDisaster CentralПре месец
    • Adrian Galvez I know but it sounds like beetle juice

      Disaster CentralDisaster CentralПре месец
    • Its "betelgeuse" not "bettle juice" Hahahahah

      Adrian GalvezAdrian GalvezПре месец
  • I wish I had that bike boat

    Lynn AllenLynn AllenПре месец
  • This wingsuit pilot flew thru a hole in Iraq. Good for him

    ChristoChristoПре месец
  • When ur classmate is getting bullied.. The bully : the one who is jumping the jump ropes

    ʚ Venus ɞʚ Venus ɞПре месец
  • who also knew bout dat satar -w-

    Erica DionneErica DionneПре месец
  • Did i hear bettlejuice?

    Will'O'WispWill'O'WispПре месец
  • Spongebob would be happy for that bicycle boat

    Teddy BearTeddy BearПре месец
  • I- it was named beetlejuice- *he can finally take my life*

    BorkMyLife ;3;BorkMyLife ;3;Пре месец
  • Es como updt en ingles? :v

    Daniel 7w7Daniel 7w7Пре месец
  • im chinese lol

    Hi_ItzMeh EvieHi_ItzMeh EvieПре месец
  • Yeah betelgeuse is so big than the sun that can swallow the entire solar system But Not only a 1 planet can swallow the entire solar system, Black hole can Destroy All the entire universe, even Earth moon Sun Astroid People House Bigger more than the sun Pray So God Can Protect you

    Me and My M8Me and My M8Пре месец
  • betleguse is a star that could explode (me) "no its not its a demon that could screw you over"

    Josh AJosh AПре месец
  • And I can’t even jump rope

    mouseyymouseyyПре месец
  • the best thing about this channel is the fact that your calm when talking, and the thumbnail scene is the first thing we see ( after intro )

    Damian leiatauaDamian leiatauaПре месец
  • If that jump rope hits student when he/she fail to jump … hurts real bad

    llauacllauacПре месец
  • If you’re feeling stressed out, just listen to Minecraft music.

    Kurt Axl CabanillaKurt Axl CabanillaПре месец
  • They've been training for the circus since they were 2. This was easy.

    Metaphysical GraceMetaphysical GraceПре месец
  • In America we’d have kids mess it up and laugh saying it was a joke

    Ya boi CJYa boi CJПре месец
  • That would never work in America were too unorganized

    ツManukツManukПре месец

    Memory reset with HamburgerrrMemory reset with HamburgerrrПре месец
  • Whats worse? 1 baby nailed to 10 trees or 10 babys nailed to 1 tree?

    ThatOneWeirdChannelThatOneWeirdChannelПре месец
  • I knew beetle juice was a giant star he can’t spell right because he is too powerful to learn

    WolfBoi988WolfBoi988Пре месец
  • Solo Heroes Watching The Jump Rope: >:( I JUST HAVE NO FRIENDS

    Minamoto TeruMinamoto TeruПре месец
  • I heard Beetlejuice... RED

    philippe Haophilippe HaoПре месец
  • I live in China and I know about that,the teachers forced them to do it they trained for a few months

    Spikon DaiSpikon DaiПре месец
  • imagine getting b*tch slapped by that rope

    abby ubeabby ubeПре месец
  • I love how he could literally say the world is ending tmr in the calmest voice

    SubSandwichSubSandwichПре месец
  • Always the Chinese during recess

    SubSandwichSubSandwichПре месец
  • That cat getting his hair combed at the doe, aw

    That Comment GuyThat Comment GuyПре месец
  • Coll omg I lol I'm sagal

    Sagal ElmiSagal ElmiПре месец
  • Betelgeuse

    Mr no-scope 74Mr no-scope 74Пре месец
  • It looked like a Pokémon battle when they were doing the jump rope.

    Paul CastilloPaul CastilloПре месец
  • betelguse how about beetle juice

    Egg LordEgg LordПре месец
  • I live like 10 min from that black beach in Hofn

    Panic HelgiPanic HelgiПре месец
  • youtube: a video mentions china comments: ccp blablabla

    Walter MWalter MПре месец
  • Someone photoshop thanos in the middle of the jump ropes avengers infinite’s war

    FrenzyFrenzyПре месец
    • Thanos

      FrenzyFrenzyПре месец
  • BeetleJuice: Now that’s Showtime!

    CEC ScottsvilleCEC ScottsvilleПре месец
  • All I heard was 1234567 1234567

    Tyson SeangbouakhamTyson SeangbouakhamПре месец
  • Gosh, Chinese collectivism looks so cool

    bfjb70bfjb70Пре месец
  • This narrator is terrible

    WhyWeCantHaveNiceThingsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThingsПре месец
    • @Luke Wu And the narrator is still terrible. I don't care who it is

      WhyWeCantHaveNiceThingsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThingsПре месец
    • This is leafy’s second channel lol. You didn’t even know that?

      Luke WuLuke WuПре месец
  • This channel is something else! It makes me wanna say to someone who has been having a shitty day and tell em, “Have you had your daily dose of internet yet” 😂

  • 2:42 minecraft elytra in the mountains be like

    ImWjauImWjauПре месец

    Viking TyphoonViking TyphoonПре месец
  • like that jumprope hits you with the force of 50people in your face

    LavaError_LPLavaError_LPПре месец
  • Daily dose of internet: if your stressed.. Me: OF COURSE IM STRESSED!! I DROPPED MY CHEERIOS!!

    n0turbEan0sn0turbEan0sПре месец
  • Just 700,000 more subscribers then ur at 10mill and u get the diamond play button

    AznTerminatorAznTerminatorПре месец
  • 1:57 looks like the bike from pokemon sword and shield lol

    PeeplociloPeeplociloПре месец
  • 3:18 it's lotus temple from India i think

    10 million subs before covid - ends Mikeey10 million subs before covid - ends MikeeyПре месец
  • Why is this dude narrating the video while pinching his nose tho

    loli is lifeloli is lifeПре месец
  • is it possible yo see this during our lifetime?🙁. 1:14

    DON’t MIND MEDON’t MIND MEПре месец
  • 0:40 The mirror is on his right, but we look at him on the left. This is unreasonable. 0:38 to 0:40 This part uses a computer to do special effects processing

    13579water13579waterПре месец
  • It’s looks like how doctor strange cloned him self and threw those strings at thanos in infinity war😂

    Elad SoferrElad SoferrПре месец
  • Has it explode yet?

    Arka ArhamArka ArhamПре месец