Giant Iceberg Almost Crushes 2 Men

24 сеп 2020
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  • Iceburg : oh they are recording, let me do a flip to impress them

    Aly ToonsAly ToonsПре 29 дана
    • LOL XD

      Jet de JesusJet de JesusПре дан
    • Can I please have help reaching 470 subs? I’m so close!

      PugzillaPugzillaПре 2 дана
    • Ur so funny

      tejinder singhtejinder singhПре 20 дана
    • @Sushi1233 wow

  • Fun fact: Some sharks are afraid of dolphins because they use their noses to poke the shark in weak places which can kill the shark

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiПре сат
  • That’s a lesson we’ve learned: Never climb icebergs!

    Liam WatsonLiam WatsonПре сат
  • w should be called doublev because it looks more like double v's and doubleu's

    Xlodeo AMVSXlodeo AMVSПре 2 сата
    • happened.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiПре сат
  • Napoleon Dynamite made this video.

    Mark WalkerMark WalkerПре 2 сата
  • Quietest Dishwasher🤣

    Ray BantawaRay BantawaПре 6 сати
  • Ä

    Finn AdlerFinn AdlerПре 9 сати
  • Iceburg: HELP THESE HUMANS ARE MAKING ME FLIP Titanic: aw thats cute

    DooDuLDooDuLПре 12 сати
  • would i go to Hell if i stabbed myself to death with a mechanical pencil while singing old traditional Christmas songs naked in a huge rainstorm in the middle of the night because i failed chorus class like 10 years ago and couldn't get over it no matter how much barbecue sauce i shot into my bloodstream??

    Calaclulla a la FlullaCalaclulla a la FlullaПре 12 сати
  • its avatar...

    Sky KangSky KangПре 13 сати
  • Ahh china

    SamurasaSamurasaПре 14 сати
  • If the guys on the iceberg died it would have been a Darwin award.

    Mike41Mike41Пре 16 сати
  • How did two crickets flip a whole damn *ICE* *BERG*

    Luzviminda LopezLuzviminda LopezПре 16 сати
  • So there is the remains of the titanic

    Mr SchneiderMr SchneiderПре 19 сати
  • So glad I caught that “do not attempt” disclaimer on the iceberg video..Cause I was just about to..

    Cheddar CheeseCheddar CheeseПре 21 сат
  • *hey you comfortable? GET YOUR MO-* oh my god i thought you were dead

    yasio boloyasio boloПре 23 сата

    First LastFirst LastПре 23 сата
  • Mike horn

    All Might le génie compris ;-;All Might le génie compris ;-;Пре дан
    • The second clip had me dying! 😅😅

      yasio boloyasio boloПре 23 сата
  • As the sailboat backs up the water flow created by the propellor washes under the iceberg creating the energy for it to roll. If they would have backed up slower it wouldn’t have happened.

    EsquireEsquireПре дан
  • That clam doesn't look like a human eye. It looks like a human vulva.

    Dan KellyDan KellyПре дан
  • What if they had the hard hats and dance floor o-o

    sigpiggysigpiggyПре дан
  • 0:46 constipation

  • Iceberg: *....* Also Iceberg: *ROAD ROLLER DA DA*

    Van Arsdale MadrinanVan Arsdale MadrinanПре дан
  • "Professionals" 👀

  • Climbing Jack arses

    Mark SheehanMark SheehanПре дан
  • Hey bro someone copy your all video.

    drivingaptdrivingaptПре дан
  • You sound like leafy 😂😂

    BAT 300__BAT 300__Пре дан
  • His voice is crackin me up XD

    jbaby007jbaby007Пре дан
  • Snow face palm!!!

    Preston KennedyPreston KennedyПре дан
  • 0:51 hes either 30 or 60... no in between

    alyssa baileyalyssa baileyПре дан
    • Is that you greg?

      seeni gztyseeni gztyПре дан
  • 0:26 When I had ferrets, early on they'd give me the same scare. Ferrets play hard, and they sleep equally as hard! 🤣😆😅

    Element of KindnessElement of KindnessПре дан
    • "This driver found a clam that kind of looks like a human eye" What kind of Human eye is that??

      seeni gztyseeni gztyПре дан
  • One of the man climbing the iceberg is Mike horn

    Azerty _TitanAzerty _TitanПре дан
  • The second clip had me dying! 😅😅

    Keanu KKeanu KПре дан
  • Love how the video in the thumbnail is the first video

    Hello NobodyHello NobodyПре 2 дана
  • 6 g make you look 30 years older in two seconds.

    KnightonagreyhorseKnightonagreyhorseПре 2 дана
  • F

    Owen NolanOwen NolanПре 2 дана
  • 0:35 me trying to open a door without making noise

    KJ Gamings OfficialKJ Gamings OfficialПре 2 дана
  • if his cat was dead, why did he pull out his phone and start recording?

    You mustn't forget the properties of bungee gumYou mustn't forget the properties of bungee gumПре 2 дана
  • "You comfortable? Get your m-" **pure silence** "Oh my God I thought he was dead."

    X da DragonX da DragonПре 2 дана
  • Why were those ppl spying on their neighbor tho 🥴

    Vegashot BoiVegashot BoiПре 2 дана
  • lol that cat part tho

    Jayy RomeroJayy RomeroПре 2 дана
  • If you're an idiot, these things will happen.

    Paul TorrisiPaul TorrisiПре 2 дана
  • Missed opportunity where the titanic song should of played during that iceberg.

    Jack KnightJack KnightПре 2 дана
  • suck video

    Dom RushDom RushПре 2 дана
  • "This driver found a clam that kind of looks like a human eye" What kind of Human eye is that??

    It's me RoxasIt's me RoxasПре 2 дана
  • Is that you greg?

    MR EsotericanaMR EsotericanaПре 2 дана
  • 2:24. I can see Ogre busting in and yelling, NERRRRDS!!!!!!!!!

    kc8767kc8767Пре 2 дана
  • My eyes look like that after a heavy night!

    Sp3Sp3Пре 2 дана
  • 2:25 did they though? That game is called CLOP and it’s been around for years. If anything, they probably just made the contraption they’re using to play it.

    AnonAnonПре 2 дана
  • Video : * shows people getting murdered * “ L U C K I L Y N O O N E W A S H U R T “

    Fan GirlFan GirlПре 2 дана
  • “This is YOUR daily dose of internet” translates to “my human mother is about to laugh hysterically”

    ceerw butyceerw butyПре 2 дана
  • that video game was so cool

  • im sorry but your voice makes me not watch the video...

    CarharttedCarharttedПре 2 дана
    • Drowns* It’s really hard to get crushed against water.

      ceerw butyceerw butyПре 2 дана
  • you dont clickbait thats good

    Eli PerezEli PerezПре 2 дана
  • Crushed againts the soft water lol

    dumbo7429dumbo7429Пре 2 дана
  • To remember list: 1. If i ever have to climb an iceberg, i’ll do it near the edge.

    WikuWikuПре 2 дана
  • Doesn't take much for an unstable object like that to rotate in water.

    KickenItOldSchoolKickenItOldSchoolПре 3 дана
  • 3:20 Bob Lazar.

    shatner99shatner99Пре 3 дана
  • Thr people in japan: "So how'd you meet?" The guy trying to convince the girl: *well she saw me and I convinced her to marry me*

    Lindsey McLellanLindsey McLellanПре 3 дана
  • 0:26 saving this timestamp

    cardboards animationscardboards animationsПре 3 дана
  • “Luckily both of them managed to escape and didn’t get hurt” 0:21 *20 ton Iceburg falling on top of climber dragging him under freezing cold water with heavy gear on*

    Kalea MoningkaKalea MoningkaПре 3 дана
  • They’re tryna find atla

    wagwan6248wagwan6248Пре 3 дана
  • can we get dat man outta hereee

    CarlCarlПре 3 дана
  • *Those two people before climbing the iceberg:* Do not under any circumstances, film the iceberg. They know. *After they almost sunk:* (To the cameraman) What did I tell you, ***?

    Archisman ChakrabartyArchisman ChakrabartyПре 3 дана
  • 0:28 This is for me

    N.A.R. animationN.A.R. animationПре 3 дана
  • Thats the end of this video, i really hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you guys again very, very soon... *LETTER.*

    Filip BahunekFilip BahunekПре 3 дана
  • Aang? You in there

    potato_ _personxpotato_ _personxПре 3 дана
  • Drowns* It’s really hard to get crushed against water.

    FredrikFredrikПре 3 дана
  • They were too heavy, they tipped the iceberg....

    ASDF KeyboardASDF KeyboardПре 3 дана
  • iceberg : just flipping the cold side of its pillow.. good thing the men didn't got hurt tho..

    Margarette SantosMargarette SantosПре 3 дана
  • That human eye one was terrible

    AAПре 3 дана
  • That iceberg pulled an UNO reverse card on them🤣

    Aisha Nicole García LópezAisha Nicole García LópezПре 3 дана
  • They probably wanted to get on top of the iceberg for better cell reception...

    If you say soIf you say soПре 3 дана
  • Percentage of video abou the iceberg - 0.1

    Aaron BarlowAaron BarlowПре 3 дана
  • thats what stupid gets ya lol, they were probly sitting at home a few days earlier smoking a joint and watching youtube videos and said hey we should be stupid too lol, jjk

    Eric MelansonEric MelansonПре 3 дана
  • I love how he gets right to it

    RealRunningDog _RealRunningDog _Пре 3 дана
  • a baby penguin caught on a ice berg

    szszПре 4 дана
  • It's was pretty rude to buy that stranger a nozzle. Like, he is so poor and stupid he couldn't afford a $10 nozzle.

    Darth NihiluzDarth NihiluzПре 4 дана
  • That is no explorer... that is Mike Horn !

    nope re nopenope re nopeПре 4 дана
  • I love the way it says crush but there in the ocean with nothing around them 😂

    Elliot LaycockElliot LaycockПре 4 дана
  • That dishwasher one made me laugh🤣

    Lemon! .p.Lemon! .p.Пре 4 дана
  • I giant ice:im big T rock 2 mans:we are ceaser

    TomynyTomynyПре 4 дана
  • I've actually seen those codes from the stenographer when closed captions are on live tv. Not sure what makes it show up instead of actual dialogue, but it's interesting seeing it from the other side

    Kitsune FyoraKitsune FyoraПре 4 дана
  • Plot twist: Aang is in that iceberg and has learnt the power of flipbending

    kolim jonekolim joneПре 4 дана
  • Dad how did you meet mom? I went to the marriage store a bought her

    Nightmare0945Nightmare0945Пре 4 дана
  • Calm down guys. The earth was just trying to find the cold side of the pillow.

    Pxnapple _Pxnapple _Пре 4 дана
    • muscles. He litteraly travelled around the world, latitude 0°, he followed equator. That man is truely a legend !

      kolim jonekolim joneПре 4 дана
  • That damn squirrel.

    Fluids VisibleFluids VisibleПре 4 дана
  • A human "eye" ;)

    ruabadfish2oouruabadfish2oouПре 4 дана
  • I don't know what damn planet you from to make you think that looks like a human eye hehehe but i get it

    Charles Lan casterCharles Lan casterПре 4 дана
  • Club penguin

    John TerryJohn TerryПре 4 дана
  • Club penguin be like:

    roblox_Guy.roblox_Guy.Пре 4 дана
  • The reality is, that's a tiny iceberg

    BrentlyTVBrentlyTVПре 4 дана
  • That damn squirrel.

    Yonathan DYonathan DПре 4 дана
  • Me: patiently waiting to watch two men get crushed.. “Whew, that was close!... ahh cats, hey wait a minute!!” 🤨

    mUk AbOuT42mUk AbOuT42Пре 4 дана
  • the hearth of the guy in the cat video stopped for a momment

    Mohammed BaalidMohammed BaalidПре 4 дана
  • 3:00 it Cana looks like a human eye lol

    cinnamon 'scinnamon 'sПре 4 дана
  • So evolution managed to make something look like a human eye and make a pair of human eyes, to see with? That's odd.

    PepitoPepitoПре 4 дана
  • You sound like an femboy

    The RudyThe RudyПре 4 дана
  • First time I had dailydose said “very very soon” in a different speed

    Zathonna LifoiriaZathonna LifoiriaПре 4 дана
  • 2 professional imbeciles more like

    TheBlaggertTheBlaggertПре 4 дана